Local Land-Use Decisions: Green Energy Partners

A local developer in Loudoun County, Virginia, the wealthiest and fastest growing county in the country, sought to gain local legislative approvals for a 778-megawatt natural gas power plant. Previous applications from other developers for a similar power plant were denied by the local governing bodies. Because of these past failed efforts, many local political watchers thought the application from Green Energy Partners was doomed.

Our team was responsible for a robust and focused grassroots, lobbying, public relations, messaging and social media effort. We focused our message, earned media, and directed email and online campaigns to identify and court local grasstops supporters as well as local, regional and national grassroots supporters. The almost two-year legislative review process included multiple public hearings, a constant stream of regular meetings with stakeholders, elected officials and bureaucrats, an inquisitive press and numerous community meetings. Through this comprehensive media, messaging, grassroots and lobbying campaign, Green Energy Partners’ proposal was unanimously approved 9-0 by the Board of Supervisors and heralded by county leaders as an economic development boon which would benefit the county for decades to come.

Grassroots Execution: American Energy Association/ExxonMobil/National Taxpayers Union

For four years Jackson-West has partnered with the American Energy Association, Exxon Mobil and the National Taxpayers Union to enact a comprehensive energy tax education and advocacy effort. To have an honest and informed debate on the future of energy tax policy, it is crucial to accurately frame the oil and gas sector’s role in the U.S. economy and assess the impact of proposed tax policy changes. 
Jackson-West engaged local, regional and state chambers of commerce, academic and policy experts, state associations, major energy consumers and state legislators from both sides of the political aisle, plus hundreds of grasstops statewide in a coordinated effort to enlighten and influence federal elected officials and Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz.  Through third party voices we made clear to our targets matters including the significant role of the energy sector in the overall economy, the difference between a tax deduction and a subsidy, economic repercussions of increased taxes on the energy sector and the economic benefits of increased liquid natural gas exports as pertaining to America’s national and global security.

Grassroots Cultivation and Growth: Oasis Brands

One of the world's main producers of consumer paper products was up against a series of well-funded and well-coordinated attacks.  These consistent attacks had the potential to have very serious and negative effects against not only paper company's bottom line, but would also threaten its very existence in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Immediately, Jackson-West (J-W) lead a series of counter efforts engaging, educating, and mobilizing a groundswell of support that included local, state, and federal elected officials including members of the local Town Council, State House of Delegates, State Senate, and Congress all of whom represented the districts of the targeted paper manufacturing facility. In addition, Jackson West reached out to the local business community, including the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as the local media, where we successfully placed a positive article in the area’s lone regional newspaper.  

Through our efforts, we were able to secure not only grasstop support from local, state, and federal elected officials and business leaders, successfully repudiating these negative attacks, but in addition, productively spread our client’s positive history as an environmental steward throughout the region reinforcing their reputation as a leading manufacturer in the state.

Food and Dining: Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

It’s a special occasion, you have reservations at your favorite local restaurant and you plan to bring your own particular bottle of wine to enjoy at dinner. Once you arrive at your restaurant, you’re told by the establishment its illegal for them to serve you the bottle you brought with you.

That was the law in Virginia until the Jackson-West team worked with a regional association to change the law. As is the custom in many fine dining establishments across the country, Virginia restaurant-goers expressed a desire to celebrate special occasions with their own bottles of wine. 
Having advocated various issues in the General Assembly in the past, along with our experience on meals tax initiatives, we provided the restaurant and wine industries the additional tools to serve their customers and improve their bottom line by advocating for a 'corkage fee' before the states elected bodies.

J-W built a strong coalition of Virginia wineries and restaurants and crafted a message giving restaurants the choice of offering this service to their customers. With the coalition, bi-partisan support, a strong message and a patron for the bill that understood the issue well, we were able to shepherd the corkage bill through a litany of Committee fights in both chambers until our bill reached the floor for vote.  A strategic plan and a strong message helped bring passage of a bill that helped our client and brought enjoyment to Virginia’s wine aficionados.




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