Firm Profile

Jackson-West is a national, bipartisan government relations, public affairs and grassroots consulting firm specializing in the business and politics of government. 

We are your eyes and ears on the ground, whether in your local Town Hall, committee rooms of your state Legislature, or the halls of Capitol Hill. 

With decades of combined experience, Jackson-West knows how to create, manage and implement comprehensive plans and strategies that will promote and protect your interests.

Jackson-West Consulting achieves results by creating issue awareness, engaging in direct advocacy, drawing others to join your campaign, initiative or organization, advancing specific legislation through direct lobbying, providing subject-matter experts to testify before a commission, fostering a local land-use proposal or designing a precisely targeted media campaign. 

Our team has a track record of success in the government affairs arena thanks in part to our combined backgrounds in nonprofit management, journalism, politics, membership expansion and growth, and federal, state and local governments. 
At Jackson-West, we understand and have demonstrated over time how to properly frame a cause, message or mission, whether to mainstream press, grassroots or grasstops supporters, appointed or elected officials, stakeholders or final decision-makers. Jackson-West’s team has a straightforward, measurable history of impacting outcomes and delivering victories and best results.

Based in Washington, D.C. and with longtime partners across the country, Jackson-West has the experience, outlook, networks, reach and ability to transform facts on the ground and positively alter the public sphere in your favor.

We have a passion for solving the unique business and government challenges. 
Our clients get results.

... They work collaboratively with their clients and vested parties in a timely and effective manner ...
— Jay Johnson, Vice President, Fairfield Residential Company LLC
I turned to Charlie Jackson who crafted and implemented a strategy that took our concept & made it reality.
— John Andrews, Managing Member Green Energy Partners